Green Britain Centre

Green Britain Centre

With so much to do and see there is something for the whole family to discover

Welcome to The Green Britain Centre

Based in Swaffham, Norfolk, The Green Britain Centre is more than just a visitor centre – it gives a glimpse of what Britain might look like in the future.

There are three areas we need to change in order to create a green Britain: energy, transport and food. Between them, these three areas make up 80% of all of our personal carbon footprints, and so changing what we do in these areas will make a huge difference.

At the Green Britain Centre, you can see a vision of how all this might work – it’s a Green Britain of the future in action now.

You can find out all about how Britain will power itself in the future, not with expensive, polluting fossil fuels, but with its own renewable energy – an entirely energy independent, self-sufficient Britain, harnessing its energy from the wind and the sun.

And you can take a pretty spectacular windmill tour to experience wind energy up close too. Over 150,000 people have made the 300-step journey to the top of the modern windmill and experienced renewable energy in action.

The windmill’s viewing platform was designed by Sir Norman Foster – designer of The Gherkin and Wembley Stadium!

And last year, the windmill generated 3.1 million units of electricity – that’s equivalent to powering 25% of all the homes in Swaffham just with one small windmill.

You can also take a look at the transport of the future – and see how we’ll all get around in a world without oil. Check out the fastest wind-powered vehicle on the planet, the Greenbird, as well as our electric supercar, the Nemesis.

And on the food front, you can find out how, with some small choices, we can make a big difference. We have an organic garden and a heritage orchard – with over fifty varieties of apple, pear, plum, quince and medlar trees. Many are old Norfolk varieties dating back over 200 years.

Plus, you can try some delicious plant-based food in our café. Every dish is made using local and organic ingredients wherever possible – some are so local that they’re grown in our own organic gardens.

The Centre is open all year round, and welcomes visitors and school parties, as well as a range of business events and conferences. Come and visit us – and get a glimpse of the future.

Give us a call on 01760 726 100, email [email protected], or visit for more information.