Explore Norfolk

Explore Norfolk

Norfolk Life

Explore Life in Norfolk which is a glorious adventure story from start to finish. From their first moment in this world, children in Norfolk have so many opportunities to live the idyllic country life with the beautiful beaches along the coast to the inland waterways, fens and marshes proving an ever changing playground for the Swallow and Amazon adventurers amongst them. For those romantic and gentle souls, the peaceful agricultural landscape does give way from time to time to reveal magical woods, the forests of Brecklandmystical grand houses and fairy tale villages, hiding seemingly lost and just waiting to be discovered. For those history buffs, Norfolk has been a real mover and shaker throughout the centuries and still shows that power through it's architecture and heritage that sits so comfortably in these modern times. 

What to See and Where to Go

Read the articles and sections below to get a feel for this lovely county and decide what to see and where to go. Then come and discover Norfolk and as the tale starts, release your inner child and experience all that you can, but be warned it is a never ending story!

The Norfolk Broads
The Broads
History & Culture
History & Culture
Norfolk Coast
Norfolk Coast
The City
The City
Seal Watching in Blakeney
Grimes Graves
River Trip to Coltshall
River Fishing in Norfolk
Wherry Delicious
Sheringham Museums
Birds Eye Views of Norfolk
North Norfolk
Norfolk Vineyards
South Norfolk & The Brecks
RAF Airfields in Norfolk during the Second World War
Peddars Way
History of the Fens
Crabbing in Norfolk
Famous Faces
Blakeney and Nature
Angling in Norfolk
Norfolk Lifeboat Rescue
Grand Estates in Norfolk
Norfolk and Film
Three Rivers
Ranworth Church Views
Walking Routes in Norfolk
The Broads Lowdown
Thetford Forest
Norfolk Whisky
The Muckleburgh Military Collection
A Day at the Races
Canoeing and Paddleboarding
Green Britain Centre
The Norfolk Dog Guide
Wroxham Miniature Worlds
Cley Windmill through the Ages
Wells & Walsingham Railway
Roys of Wroxham
Norwich Snapshot
Birdwatching In Norfolk
Norfolk Coastal Path
Norfolk History
Fishing Mackerel in North Norfolk
Barton Broad Chillout