The Broads

The Norfolk Broads

The Broadland Area

The Norfolk Broads National Park is one the largest protected areas of wetland amidst Norfolk's area of outstanding natural beauty. There are large open shallow broads linked by rivers and navigable waterways with surrounding reed beds and marshes. 

The square area of the Norfolk Broads totals 303 kilometres, most of this is in Norfolk. The Broads themselves all sixty three of them, can be as small as a pond or large expanses of water and most are to be found in the northern part of the Broads, but some of the southern reaches of the rivers and broads meander into Suffolk. Most of the Broads are less than four metres deep and whilst thirteen of them are completely navigable, another three have a navigable channel running through them, but the rest are not navigable.

Rivers in the Broads

The northern broadland areas encompass the Rivers, Bure, Ant and Thurne. Central and Southern parts of Broadland encompass the Rivers Waveney, Yare and Chet.  All the waterways are tidal but the effect of the tide decreases the further away from the coast until reaches upstream from Barton Broad are almost non tidal.

It is truly a unique place with a wide variety of wildlife and breath-taking scenery that is waiting for you to discover next time you have a day out on the Norfolk Broads.

Whet your appetite and curiosity by watching the following short video taken on the River Yare. Read the stories and articles too to get a great flavour and insight into this wonderful playground in Norfolk

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