Norfolk Lights

Norfolk Lights

Norfolk is renowned for its big open vistas and for those who enjoy watching the stars, the night array here never fails to impress with the myriad of stars twinkling in an unpolluted sky.

Norfolk as we all know, sticks out into the North Sea and unlike other parts of GB, it is relatively flat, not too densely populated, does not have a massive industrial belt, enjoys a great climate and is one of the driest regions with a very open skyline.  Perfect for viewing the night time sky.  

Over the past year, the space station has been spotted  whizzing across the night sky, shooting stars and meteor trails have screamed past and the Milky Way arcs mysteriously above, all of which is breathtaking,  but arguably, the most beautiful regular sight of all is Venus steadily rising up, challenging the moon for the brightest glow. 

All this has been viewed just five miles from Norwich and although the loom of the city can be seen low down on the horizon, light pollution is very low and so the sky is just a mass of twinkling lights.  Okay on occasion, Venus rising is actually a plane from Amsterdam to Norwich with very bright landing lights on a final approach!

Perhaps the very best place to view the wonders of the night sky is in North Norfolk, where there is even less light pollution and looking out over the North Sea, there is a flat horizon, perfect for the keen astronomer.

The Aurora Borealis has shimmered and teased over North Norfolk already this year and we all wait with bated breathe for the right conditions for them to shimmer again..... 

Of course you don't need to be a star gazer to enjoy Norfolk and its' skies.  Artists and photographers from around the world come here to take advantage of the incredibly clarity of light that the Winter months bring. 

So come, stay and spend time in Norfolk at any time of year and enjoy our Big Skies.  If you hear that the sun is once again, sending out massive bursts of its interstellar particles, bring a telescope, a flask of hot coffee and a camera, wait patiently lying in the sand dunes, eyes cast upward - you might just get a glimpse of those elusive lights, be warned they suddenly appear then fade away just as quickly, so don't blink!

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