Norwich Snapshot

Norwich Snapshot

Discover one of the loveliest and possibly the smallest cities in England. Vibrant, cosmopolitan and rural, bursting with energy and life. There is so much in this City to love including its many historical buildings and streets that take the fancy of not only the many visitors that stroll through them, but also film and tv crews that can often be spotted in the lovely Cathedral grounds and in the mediaeval streets. 

The Head Honcho of Norfolk

On arriving in Norwich, which is one of the most accessible cities either by air via Norwich Airport, rail or road, you can tell immediately that this place is bursting with energy and history.

It has such a peaceful atmosphere that is so welcoming, it draws you in, urging you on to leave not even the smallest street unexplored. Norwich is a truly beautiful city blessed with two iconic Cathedrals and so much of its history is still there to enjoy. The city walls still stand in places and of course, the heart of the city is silently watched over by the massive Castle and its dungeons - enter there at your peril!


Period architectural gems, like the cathedrals and magnificent medieval castle dominate the city skyline and even today, Norwich is still enriched by the different styles, culture, architecture and language that can be traced back to the ‘Strangers’ who came from the Low Countries to work in the textile industry.

Costumes & Textiles

The internationally recognised collection of costume and textiles is held at the Shirehall Costume and Textile Study Centre in Market Avenue Street, Norwich and contains some 25,000 items dating from the sixteenth century to the present day. Of the 700 plus shawls there, 200 were manufactured in Norwich and remain a vivid reminder of how important Norwich was and how the trade and wealth created helped shape the city into what you can see today.


For the history buffs amongst you, a must visit is to the numerous City museums which display fascinating and concise histories of the City and chart its rise to power. A stop is necessary at the Caley Chocolate museum and Colmans Mustard Museum – good tip, make sure you taste the mustards first!


Norwich City’s cobbled streets are lined with an assortment of market stalls, malls, boutiques and galleries filled with everything from modern fashions to enchanting antique shops all of which have helped promote Norwich into the shopping mecca of today. The River Wensum runs through Norwich giving a ‘Little Venice’ feel to it so if you lke being on the water, take a river trip on a self drive dayboat or on a punt  - a duck’s eye view so to speak of the city!

Foodie Heaven

Whilst you have been trotting about the cobbled streets of the Norwich Lanes, you will notice lots of Cafes and restaurants with their alfresco eating areas nestling under the protection of medieval buildings. Leave time to sit and enjoy wonderful fresh local food or even a beer from one of the micro breweries that flourish in Norwich.

There is one fact about Norwich which I think is quite fun – at one time within the city walls, there were 52 churches - one for every week of the year and 365 pubs! Another little known fact outside of Norwich is that the football league chant, described as the worlds oldest football song, belongs to The Canaries, Norwich City Football Club… There is no end to this City’s talents!

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