Sheringham Museums

Sheringham Museums

Fishermen’s Heritage Centre and Sheringham Museum

The Fishermen’s Heritage Centre

This is well worth a visit, you can really sense the history and understand the need for some sort of vessel to rescue shipwrecked sailors.

I think the stories told and the boats that you can see, stand testament to the bravery and determination, not to mention the incredible seamanship skills of the local fishermen who mostly worked in and around the Fishing Sheds and who risked their all to put to sea in a tiny boat, row out to the stricken vessels and save so many lives that would prior to the provision of the lifeboat, have been lost.

The Fishermens Heritage Centre today is still exposed to all that the sea wishes to throw at it so if the weather is stormy, it does close, so don’t be disappointed if you get to the Fishing Sheds to find the door barred, come a calming of the waters, the volunteers return to their posts, ready for you.

Sheringham Museum

Unlike the Fishermen’s Heritage Museum, it occupies a prime position in the town and is not subject to the vagaries of the weather. In fact it has the most magnificent views over Sheringham and the coastline regardless of the rain and snow.

This very modern building known as The Mo, stands on the site of Mo’s house. Mo was a member of the Upcher family who if you remember from the first article, supplied a number of the Sheringham Lifeboats.

The collection it displays used to be located in converted fishermen’s cottages in the town, but obviously now it has the room to grow.

Although the museum primarily focuses on the town’s fishing industry and holiday resort development, there are all sorts of things on display to grab your fancy from Victorian fly traps, fossilized elephant bone to pig’s bladder fishing floats.

There is a large display of World War debris that has been found on the beaches and three of the original lifeboats occupy pride of place.

Bringing the museum right into the twenty first century the Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm Visitor Centre has found a home there too!