Ranworth Church

Ranworth Church Views

Ranworth church nestled in a picturesque village on the Norfolk Broads is just the place to bring the inner child and others of course and climb the tower.   Be master of all you survey  with stunning views from the top and in the round!

I don’t know about you but I love to get up high and view things from a different perspective.

The Norfolk Broads for instance are stunning but you mostly view the rivers from the comfort of a boat, pub front, car, bike, walking – in others words from street level.

So take yourselves, by whatever means, off to Ranworth and shinny up the church tower – all one hundred feet of it!

The village of Ranworth is quaint, many properties are thatched with Norfolk Reed and all nestle in a little valley with the church at its heart. The village rubs cheeks with Ranworth Broad and the Broads Wildlife Centre. Getting there by boat is is easy, you can moor stern to the dock and the church is a short walk away.

By road it is very close to South Walsham and Woodbastwick. There is a car park too and thank goodness, a café and pub! Anyway, get to the church on time and explore - it is definitely worth a good look.

Ranworth Church was once richly furnished by wool merchants, who painted stories from the bible on the walls. Sadly much of the treasures were destroyed during the Reformation.

Despite falling into rack and ruin, it was lovingly restored in the late 1890s and you can see today the Medieval screen rood with its painting. You can also see a 15th century illuminated manuscript. Sit in a pew and take in the quiet feeling of the church.

Having gathered your resolve and energy, duck into the stairwell and start the climb to the top of the tower. Just as you get dizzy from turning around the stairs and your legs are getting tired, you reach the first of a couple of wooden ladders which are easy to negotiate and hey presto, you burst out of the trapdoor in the church tower roof like a genie out of the bottle!

The first time I did this, I had very long hair which, because of the wind swirling round the tower, went straight up from my head – I certainly frightened my children who had finished first in the dash to the top – all they saw instead of their mother was Medusa rising from the depths!

Anyway once you are there, the view is spectacular. On a clear day you can quite clearly see the coast and most of the northern rivers and broads. From the patchwork quilt of the fields to the ribbon of rivers, it is a quite magnificent! Don’t forget to bring a camera and paper airplanes to hurl off the top of the tower!

When you have seen all that can be seen and the siren call of the pub is getting louder, the downward trip is very much quicker! Once you have your feet planted firmly on the ground outside remember to pick up the paper planes that have flown off the tower, then amble down the road back to the pub or café and sit in the sunshine with a cuppa or a pint and once again, watch the world go by at street level ....................Bliss!